Practical tools for life

Each of us are kind, patient, compassionate and loving beings.  Old patterns and conditioning can obscure these qualities, causing pain and confusion, preventing you from creating healthy relationships with yourself and others. Long-held views suggesting that human nature is fixed and the ability to change is limited have been widely discredited.  With practice, you can rediscover your natural wisdom and develop your true potential to live harmoniously in each moment.

Individual Meditation Guidance:  Kim can help you create a healthier relationship to your emotions and experience, and learn to recognize and transform negative repetitive thought patterns.   Email for more information.

Group Meditation:  Your family, business, and friendships can all benefit from learning and practicing meditation and mindfulness techniques together.  Let Kim create a bespoke meditation workshop for your group, to help you deepen your connection and cultivate trust and understanding.  A joyful way to appreciate auspicious occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations.   Email for more information.

Workshops for Caregivers:  Teachers, social workers, medical staff and others in the care-giving professions often struggle with stress, compassion burnout, and despair.   Learning and practicing mindfulness and cultivating lovingkindness help you approach your work and relate to yourself and your clients with more balance, patience, and clarity.  Email for more information.