Recover your wisdom and heart

Kimberly has been teaching meditation and compassion classes, workshops, and retreats since 2011.  Her unique teaching methods integrate depth psychology, compassion training, and traditional contemplative techniques as a means to help everyone reconnect to their inherent clarity and openness.

Kimberly’s experience with a painful childhood as an adoptee growing up with an alcoholic parent, led her to discover healthy ways of dealing with anxiety, feelings of unworthiness, panic attacks, sadness, and anger.  Recovering her natural state of well-being by practicing both traditional Buddhist techniques and modern psychotherapeutic modalities, she now leads others to deeply engage with all aspects of their experience for integration, wholeness, and authenticity.

Trained as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and certified as a Meditation Teacher through the Interdependence Project’s yearlong training program, Kimberly works with individuals, couples, and groups, and trains business leaders and teams to become more connected, kind, and resilient for themselves and others. She is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Professional Level (CMT-P), with the International Mindfulness Teachers Association.